Gotham Knights 1. Sezon 1. Bölüm


15 Mart 2023

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Bölüm özeti: Batman is dead, and a powder keg has ignited Gotham City without the Dark Knight to protect it. In the wake of Bruce Wayne’s murder, his adopted son Turner Hayes is framed for killing the Caped Crusader, along with the children of some of Batman’s enemies: Duela Doe, aka The Joker’s Daughter, Harper Row, a streetwise and acerbic engineer, and her brother Cullen Row, a clever transgender teen. With the charismatic and hard-charging District Attorney Harvey Dent and the GCPD hot on their trail, Turner will rely on allies including his best friend and formidable coder Stephanie Brown, and unlikely Batman sidekick Carrie Kelley.  But our Knights will soon learn there is a larger, more nefarious force at work within Gotham City. This team of mismatched fugitives must band together to become its next generation of saviors known as the “Gotham Knights.” Dizirun Gotham Knights 1. Sezon 1. Bölüm'de sizlere iyi seyirler diler.

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